Time away from home in your own caravan or RV can be truly invigorating and relaxing, but it doesn't mean you have to skimp when it comes to the little luxuries - like enjoying a fully functional bathroom.

Luckily, the Caravan & RV World range of bathroom and plumbing appliances and accessories has everything you can think of to make being in a confined bathroom all the more comfortable, from complete circular shower units, practical basin and sink solutions, chromed faucets and shower taps, water hand pumps and even complete and easy-to-install hot water services.

Heading away for the weekend doesn't even mean you have to put up with wearing dirty clothes, as the Caravan & RV World range even includes mini and compact washing machines, not to mention all of those handy little plumbing accessories you might need like sink plugs and so much more.

Hot Water Systems
Sinks, Basins & Taps
Washing Machines