All the appliances for your RV

If you are about to go on a camping or RV holiday, you will want your equipment to be ready to help provide the ultimate comfort experience and to create the perfect haven for you to relax in.

Kitchen appliances
Is your RV’s fridge up to scratch? You’ll need a place to keep the food cool this summer, so browse our kitchen range to buy something suitable for your camper.

Air conditioning
It’s going to be a hot summer and the last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to conk out on you on those swelteringly hot days. Browse our range of air conditioning units and keep cool.

Toilets and bathroom plumbing
Whether you’re looking for a new toilet for your RV or the right fixture for your bathroom plumbing, you can’t go wrong with our range.

For those relaxing evenings watching your favourite film, don’t forget to kit out your RV with a great entertainment system before you depart on holiday.

Air Conditioning
Bathroom - Plumbing