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The Offroader is your best mate on the road for all your Aussie adventures. When it comes to roughing it in the bush, beach or the outback, we’ve got your back. Offroader has all your camping, caravanning and 4x4 outdoor needs covered. We stock the brands that Aussie explorers love including; Evakool, Dometic, Camec and Coast To Coast - just to name a few. We know online shopping for your caravanning and camping accessories can get pretty hectic, so our in-house adventure gurus are available online to chat you through our product range and make sure you are able to buy whatever suits your explorations ahead. The Offroader is your online superstore stocking thousands of awesome products to make sure you can get your hands on exactly what you’re after.

Anything in the adventure game is our name, we know the ins and outs of what you’re looking for. Our most popular modifications, accessories and upgrades include; caravan air conditioners, caravan refrigerators, caravan hot water systems, towing equipment, camping gear, 4x4 accessories, 12volt appliances, solar panels and so much more. The Offroader knows that life is for living in the great outdoors so we have you covered for any situation you find yourself in when you’re heading out to the sticks. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road!