The great thing about buying a caravan is that you get a fully equipped house on wheels; all the rooms are ready to go. But, to ensure maximum comfort and the right lifestyle as you travel, it's important to buy the right accessories. For instance, don't risk injury on your next holiday. Getting hold of a sturdy step or a two-rung set keeps you and your family safe, helping you avoid costly medical bills.

Another great caravan hack is to expand your living area with a full awning. Why settle for less with a simple canopy or porch awning when a full awning will double your living space? Don't forget a groundsheet to maximise your comfort, especially in the case of wet weather. Speaking of the comforts of home, most roads are bumpy, so having porcelain crockery in your caravan is just a waste of time. Instead, go for durable materials, like melamine. As for cutlery, regular utensils can be fine, but do consider buying a spork, which functions as a spoon and a fork. While we’re on the subject of food, why bother with the inconvenience of having to continually buy ice when you can purchase a battery powered cool box for about $150? Enjoy your cool drinks and keep your food fresh without a worry.

Reduce your fuel bill by getting strong and lightweight roller containers that you can use for fresh and waste water. You can maintain the quality of your water and keep waste secure at the same time. Pick them up from between $100 and $150, depending on your power requirements, and improve your lifestyle with all the fun of electronic entertainment. But – remember to tool up! Buying a basic toolkit is the smart way to prevent a minor incident from becoming a disaster. All you need is something basic and economical. A mallet, crowbar and a decent screwdriver socket set will keep your touring experience smooth and stress-free. Another essential to have on hand is a first aid kit in both your car and caravan. Keep them in a permanent and easily accessible place. Ensure that all travellers know the location of the first aid kit. Replace all items as required and always remember to return your first aid kit to its regular storage space.

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