Caravan Privacy Rooms

You may have tried conventional awnings and discovered they are particularly difficult and time-consuming to put up and then too clumsy and bulky for your purposes. Maybe you've tried a simple fold-out and it doesn't adequately cut out the wind and rain or survive a long holiday stay because it's too flimsy. A quality and versatile privacy room might be the caravan accessory compromise that's perfect for you.

Easy to erect and totally safe, a privacy room will effectively double the living space of your caravan and spark the imagination when it comes to its possible usages. It is perhaps the most versatile caravan accessory imaginable, and is perfect for a multitude of uses.

Use your privacy room to store bicycles and surfboards overnight. Use it as an escape for your children out of the sun and weather, or convert it into a separate, private second bedroom if you are expecting overnight visitors.

A privacy room is the sturdy, functional, stylish and yet easy to erect option for creating perhaps the most comfortable living area in your entire caravanning experience. Stop stepping out of your caravan straight into the harsh weather by using a privacy room, which, because of the simple design, is easier to transport and yet still strong enough to withstand the rigours of even a longer holiday in any and all weather conditions.

If you enjoy holidaying in bigger groups, or love whiling away the evenings by sharing food and drinks with company, a privacy room is the comfortable and versatile way to go caravanning in style. Grandchildren spending the afternoon with you? They'll love stretching out in their very own space, safe, secure and out of the weather.

Privacy rooms can be the perfect place to step out of the harsh sunlight or the blustery wind after a holiday outing. Leave your sandy shoes and surfboards out of the van but securely undercover, and enjoy peace of mind by getting the kids' bikes and toys behind closed doors and out of sight with a privacy room.

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