Its easy for our caravans to become cluttered and crowded they are small spaces, after all. It wont be such a problem if you are just going away for a weekend, but if you are using your caravan for a week or longer, you might begin to find that you dont have much storage space for all your belongings  Taking the time to invest in a few caravan storage accessories can really save you a lot of hassle down the line, and help you to keep your caravan clean and hazard free.

Many of us will take our bikes on holiday with us, as they’re a great, lightweight way to get around the local area once we arrive at our destination. But think twice about storing them inside your caravan – not only will they take up huge amounts of space, but they will also make your trailer dirty. Instead, purchase a secure bike rack to lock and secure them on the outside of your caravan. You can also get covers for the racks so your bikes don’t get damaged or rust in different weather conditions.

A hose is a great accessory to take with you on your camping trips, as it allows you easier and more efficient access to water, whether you want to use the water to clean or fill up your tank. But where do you put the hose when you’re not using it? Forget about throwing it into the caravan – get a hose carrier to help store it. These include a cover so you can tidy your hose away without it looking unsightly – and you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled or damaged either.

We can’t rave about pocket storage more highly. Whether placed on the inside doors of cupboards or to the side walls of your caravans, pockets are the perfect way to give your space extra room, making it feel less cluttered in no time at all. Store food, toiletries, clothes – whatever you like – into these pockets and enjoy your extra room. Storage accessories will make a wonderful difference to your caravan lifestyle, so spend time investigating different options. There are also some great hacks online too, where you can discover some very inventive and creative ways to store your stuff.

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