Make your next journey pleasant and comfortable by investing in one of our caravan air conditioners. Feel the cool on your holiday! Our range includes inverter, split system and reverse cycle air conditioning units. You’re bound to find the right air conditioning unit for your caravan at The Offroader, so escape the heat today!

Air Conditioner Accessories

Truma Aventa Mark 2 Air Conditioner + ADB
21% OFF RRP $2,625.00
Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner
13% OFF RRP $2,258.00
Dometic Freshjet 2200 Air Conditioner
24% OFF RRP $2,443.00
Dometic Freshjet 3200 Air Conditioner
24% OFF RRP $2,443.00
Dometic CAL242 Air Conditioner
12% OFF RRP $2,040.00
Dometic Harrier Inverter Air Conditioner
28% OFF RRP $2,495.00
Aircommand Ibis MK3 Air Conditioner
26% OFF RRP $2,295.00
Aircommand Sparrow Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
22% OFF RRP $2,195.00
BR342 Roof Top Air Conditioner
17% OFF RRP $1,647.00
Aircommand Cormorant Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
27% OFF RRP $1,795.00
65mm ducting to suit Truma Saphir- 15m
14% OFF RRP $349.00
H FRAME - Aluminium suits 360mm x 360mm
3% OFF RRP $309.00
H FRAME - Galvanised Steel suits 400m x 400mm
11% OFF RRP $309.95
Thicker Roof Seal - Suit Dometic Harrier
13% OFF RRP $39.00