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RV Fuel Concerns? – Here's the Good News!

Fuel makes up only a small portion of your total holiday cost! 

A KPMG study reveals that a fuel price rise of 20c, may only add around 2% to your touring holiday cost. Caravan and motorhome holidays continue to be the best value holiday options for Australians!

There’s no need to let fuel prices restrict your holiday!

Recent media hype around fuel prices has created myths and misconceptions about how fuel price rises affect the total cost of a touring holiday. For this reason, the Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW (CCIA) commissioned KPMG to conduct an independent study into the impact of fuel price on the cost of a caravan or motorhome holiday.

Click here to read and download the Fuel Price Booklet (PDF 1.5Mb)

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Reproduced with the permission of CCIA NSW