Just bought an RV?

Just Bought an RV? Get Ready for Your First Trip

Congratulations! You have bought your first RV and now you’re ready to begin your first road trip. Before you leave, make sure you have all the things you need to ensure your trip is safe, fun and enjoyable. 

These are the items that you need to setup and use your RV properly. Like most checklists, you will probably think of a few things that you would like to add to the list and that’s great.
Chock blocks. You should always chock your wheels when you setup. Never disconnect a caravan from your tow vehicle without chocking the wheels.

Drinking water hose.

Don’t make the mistake of grabbing a garden hose or a rubber hose; your water will taste terrible. Get a hose labelled ‘drinking water hose’ it has a vinyl lining that will not impart any taste from the hose itself. We recommend two 10 metre hoses rather than one 20 metre hose. The second hose will get occasional use when the 10 metre isn’t enough and serves as a backup in case the first hose fails.

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Hose washers

Having a few extra of these around will save many trips to the hardware store.

Sewer hose.

You should carry a 7 metre hose with proper fittings. TIP: hook-up your electric, water and sewer first before disconnecting and setting up your unit. It is much easier to deal with an electric or fresh water extension if one of the three is a long reach. Only buy heavy duty or better quality hose, anything less quite simply won’t last.

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Waterproof or disposable gloves.

A good idea for handling your sewer hose.


Extension cords.

Most RVs require a 15 amp cord. It is not a good idea to run appliances on a lighter cord. You never know when it will come in handy so an extra 15 metre 15 amp extension cord is a must when you’re on the road. 

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There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark. A sturdy torch with new batteries or a reliable power source stowed in an easy to access location will ensure you’re never in the dark. 

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Stabilizer jacks.

Many RVs come with crank down or electric stabilizer jacks. If yours has neither, you will need stabilizer jacks.

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Toilet chemicals.

People who travel in caravans and RVs normally have one particular concern - the availability of a bathroom in the outback. This is why RV owners take pride in their vehicles that are equipped with pretty much everything that you can find in a home. When it comes to toilets and sanitation maintenance, Caravan & RV World offers a wide variety of products to choose from to help you keep your bathroom systems working.

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The one thing that may not be readily available at a campsite is electricity. If you need to charge your phone or laptop for your outdoor adventure, you might want to bring along a portable generator with you. The technology of generators these days have evolved that they are quieter and smaller than they used to be. Additionally, having a generator means you can power up an electrical lamp for those dark nights or an electric hotplate for a yummy breakfast in the morning. Check out Caravan & RV Worlds selection of portable generators for your next trip.

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Camps 8 book.

Being able to plan a trip with stopovers that are free or low cost, knowing if a pet is welcome and seeing at a glance what facilities are available, has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia. It is easy to see why it is now clearly regarded as the traveller’s bible.



You should have pliers to tighten/loosen hose and cable connections. Screwdriver for emergency sewer hose changes. Duct tape to temporarily secure anything that happens to come loose while travelling.

In addition to these items, Caravan & RV World carry a large range of caravan and RV products from leading international and local manufactures. 
Our goal is to give you the best online shopping experience, and deliver you superior products and service. All of our staff are here to help make your next RV adventure easy, fun and enjoyable.